On an almost daily basis, we encounter people reciting some well trodden radio myths. One area in which the great number of myths are perpetuated, is in the selection all of your studio, and also studio equipment.

MYTH 2: the studio must be soundproofed. A great number of our customers have gone to a lot of expense purchasing the latest in soundproofed material, and put this up throughout the studio. Unfortunately, however, this task is usually not at all necessary when you come to set up a FM radio station. Soundproofing material is by no means an inexpensive item to purchase, and indeed by putting it up you are are making what is likely already a reasonably small studio room, a little smaller. The purpose of soundproofing material is primarily to prevent unwanted audio from outside the studio getting into the microphone and going out on air.

However microphones these days are omni-directional. This means that today are designed to pick up audio only from directly in front of it. It is not designed to pick up audio that comes from behind the microphone or on the sides. Because of this, it largely negates the need to have soundproofing in the studio, and indeed for most stations you can quite safely have the windows to the studio opened, in order to leave in the fresh air. All the audio and transmission equipment in the studio does generate a fair amount of heat, and the studio can become a little odorous unless it is well ventilated. Our recommendation when it comes to soundproofing, when you come to set up a FM radio station, unless your studio is located next to a rather noisy site, such as a busy road or industrial area, it is unlikely that you will actually need soundproofing material in your studio.

HOW TO SET UP A FM RADIO STATION - MYTH 3: that you need experience in the industry to start a radio station. Along with questions about how to set up a FM radio station, we frequently get asked what background or training you need. The answer is that it is by no means necessary to have previous experience in the radio industry, or to have any radio training. Indeed, having seen and worked firsthand with some radio school graduates, we would much rather employ someone with no previous experience whatsoever.

Learning how to operate a radio station is much better learned on the job. Obviously though, it isn't sensible to undertake the learning process once your station has gone on air (instead it is much better idea to operate the station for a week or two with everything operational except your FM transmitter, and this will give you the opportunity to work through any issues that arise). Our best radio staff were certainly not those that had any previous training or experience in the industry, but rather those that learned all the processes on the job.

Starting a radio station with no background in the industry may appear to be a daunting task at the outset, however with the right assistance and advice, you can be guided towards the correct process to get everything done and be on your way to getting on air.

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