We have been in business for over 7 years and have helped countless people make their own radio station. These FM radio stations have ranged from small low power FM stations that broadcast to an area of several miles radius, to online streaming stations, through to larger scale full power licensed commercial radio stations.

Very often people ask us how to make your own FM radio station. When it comes to broadcasting, it can be very difficult locating the information you need when it comes to rules and regulations, and exactly what equipment you need.

We know firsthand that there can often be a great deal of confusion surrounding what the exact process is to get on air, what the options are, and even, and what the legal requirements are. For many people wanting to find out how to make a FM radio station, it is difficult to know what equipment you will need, and what equipment is unnecessary. Most radio station installations we have been involved with don't have unlimited budgets, so it is critical to know what cost effective equipment to use, without sacrificing on air quality.

We offer a comprehensive service which provides detailed information on how to make your own radio station. For further information, please select your country / region from the list below:


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