What do I need to start a radio station?

The following features further information on getting a radio station on air.

Here at Mulcher Broadcasting, many people ask us every day, " what do I need to start a radio station?". And we can answer them simply, by providing them with our guide on how to start a radio station.

To start a radio station you need passion, planning and determination. But the most important thing you need to start a radio station is accurate, up-to-date information to ensure you are making your decisions based on facts, not myths. Mulcher Broadcasting are able to provide you with the facts on starting a radio station thanks to our long involvement in the radio industry and the ongoing research we perform to ensure we can keep you up to speed on the newest developments. We have developed a guide based on this information which follows a step-by-step format to lead you smoothly through the process of starting a radio station.

Our clients come from all kinds of different backgrounds, whether they have previous experience in the radio industry or not, whether they come from within the US, or from any other part of the world. This is why our service is adaptable, changing to meet the needs of each individual case we take on. This allows us to work with any budget and any radio station format to have you come out the other end with the best results possible.

When you take up our service, our qualified technicians will assess your individual circumstances, including your location, how much you are able to spend, and what you hope to achieve with your station. They use this information to ensure you get only information relevant to you, to save you hours of sorting through irrelevant clutter and technical jargon.

Our guide will save you time and money and help you avoid making any of the common mistakes that people can fall prey to when starting a radio station. It also makes the process of starting a radio station a less frustrating, more enjoyable one.

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