How to run a radio station

The following features further information on getting a radio station on air.

For the latest up-to-date information on how to run a radio station, talk to the team Mulcher Broadcasting. As part of our service, we can answer all your questions on how to run a radio station, as well as all the steps required to get your station operational in the first place.

For those with no previous experience, running a radio station can be a daunting task. But Mulcher Broadcasting is here to take you through the important tasks such as carrying out market research in order to decide on your station format, the best way to find suitable staff, how to decide on an appropriate schedule for you on air content, and how to obtain advertising revenue from your station. We also offer tips on things such as broadcasting from live venues, running competitions and how to conduct interviews. Of course, our support is ongoing, and we are always happy to answer any further questions which may arise.

As our service offers not only a guide on how to run a radio station, but also how to set up a station, we recommend coming to us right at the outset to ensure that you go about things the right way. We can help you choose the right equipment, and apply for the correct licence, as well as helping you find an FM frequency and obtain your music royalty agreements so you are legally entitled to broadcast music on your station.

Our easy to follow, step-by-step guide will lead you through the process from start to finish ensuring no important steps are forgotten, and ultimately saving you both time and money. Our service is personalised, working with your location, your goals, and your budget. This allows us to work with people at any level of experience, any size and type of radio station, as well as any size budget. Our wide ranging industry experience allows us to give you expert advice on all matters, and we have used our knowledge to help hundreds of people from nations all around the world to successfully set up and run a radio station.

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