4 Dec 2014

How To Care For Your Lawn In Spring

Springtime is a very important time for your lawn. The spring is a great time to reduce weeds and set your lawn up to look its best during the approaching summer months. Here are some tips for
4 Dec 2014

How To Start A Garden

Some people, especially the black-thumbed variety, think starting a garden is a daunting challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. By keeping a few simple things in mind literally anyone, no matter how little experience, can start
5 Dec 2014

How To Turn A Tablecloth Into A Runner And Napkin Set

After some time a fabric tablecloth can become old and outdated. However, when it comes times to replace your old fabric tablecloth with a new one, why not consider recycling that old tablecloth into something unique and
7 Dec 2014

An Introduction To Victorian Style Gardens

A Victoria garden is one of the most distinguished kinds of garden designs, and it is the type of design that can greatly compliment a home. In addition, Victorian garden are able to present a person’s taste,
8 Dec 2014

How To Fortify Your Windows And Glass Doors Against Predators

Your house is one of your greatest assets, and you need to protect it from those who may want to harm it, like burglars. You also want to be able to protect those that you love in
8 Dec 2014

Sloping Garden Design Ideas

A garden is something that can really bring a whole new aspect of beauty to your home. Deciding what type of garden will be the right fit for your home can be a tricky thing, but many
10 Dec 2014

How To Control Weeds

Weeds are something that all gardeners have to deal with. Weeds will trouble every gardener in the world at some point in their lifetime. Weeds compete with both crops and ornamental flowers for light and nutrients and
11 Dec 2014

How To Prune Trained Fruit Trees During Summer

Pruning fruit trees is not hard. But you do need to know when you should do the pruning. Summer pruning will help you to produce a bigger better yield. The main thing you will need to get
14 Dec 2014

How To Install A Smoke Detector

Some of the biggest home fire tragedies have occurred due to the lack of a smoke detector to properly warn home owners of an impending threat. Every home is required to have a working smoke detector, and
16 Dec 2014

How To Propagate Vegetables From Seeds In Pots

As much fun as gardening is, the most fun part is the harvest. By starting vegetables from seeds in pots, you can get a jumpstart on the harvest and extend your gardening season. Here’s a quick guide

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